Watercolour Painting Group

The Watercolour Painting Group meets in the Nigel Poulton Community Hall on Friday mornings to give its members an opportunity to learn to paint in watercolours. Those with experience in watercolour painting are welcome to come along; you don’t have to be a beginner.

When the weather permits, the group likes to venture outside to sketch and paint local features and scenes. This enables members to learn just what sketching is all about; it is not drawing!

Currently, the group has about 15 members, some of which are good tea-makers.

Each session only costs £3, to cover the cost of hiring the hall, etc.

If this type of activity appeals to you and you live in the East Hertfordshire area, just get in touch and then come along and see what the group does (materials can be made available to you).

As a matter of interest, 1 young lady who often attends our sessions is a professional artist and works freelance for, among others, the Lea Valley Wildlife Centre and several similar organizations. Although 4 members moved from the area, they did return to put paintings in the group’s first village art-exhibition. The exhibition was very successful, with lots of visitors and favourable comments. Not to mention that at least 9 of the pictures were sold!

If you want more information about the Watercolour-Painting Group, please contact Julia Doolan on 01920 830284.