Watton at Stone Neighbourhood Plan

Have your say!

It is your Parish, your future, your plan

The Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan will be a set of community-led planning policies about development, regeneration and conservation in Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire, which will form part of the formal planning policy for our village applied by the East Herts District Council.

Having the Plan in place will mean we will have a say at the outset of any planning processes, rather than having to wait until plans are further down the line. Eventually it is expected that the Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan will sit alongside the East Herts District Plan, giving a more detailed level of requirements for those wishing to develop in our particular parish.

This is our chance to influence new housing development and provide new facilities in our parish. The more people who take part in this conversation, the more effective we can be.


Following nearly eight years of enthusiastic community involvement during many events and several consultations, the Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan is now completed.

The Parish Council unanimously approved the final version in September 2022 after the final (Regulation 14) pre-submission consultation. The Council submitted the Plan to East Herts District Council in October 2022 (in accordance with Regulation 15). EHDC held a further consultation (Regulation 16) at the end of 2022.

In June 2023 EHDC appointed an Examiner to check that the Plan meets the relevant statutory requirements. The Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan was found to be compliant. Watton-at-Stone parishioners will now vote in a referendum on 12 October where they will be asked whether or not they would like to adopt the Plan.

Following a significant ”Yes” vote at the referendum, the Plan was formally adopted by East Herts District Council on the 13th December 2023