War Memorial Hall

War Memorial Hall

War Memorial Hall

The War Memorial Hall is situated in the southern end of High Street, where it has been since the 1930s. In June 1949 the hall was given to the village by the late Thomas Abel Smith, of Woodhall Park, as a permanent memorial of the services of the men and women of Watton-at-Stone during the Second World War of 1939-45.

It is a registered charity, run by a Board of Trustees and a Management Committee of local people.
Over the years, the War Memorial Hall has been used as the social centre of the village and as such hosted a wide range of celebrations, parties, plays, dances, fund-raising events, exhibitions, club and public meetings, etc. It continues to be a popular venue and offers a cosy background to any event.

Apart from having its own car park, the building comprises a main hall (with a stage) which can accommodate up to 120 people, a well-equipped kitchen, cloakroom, a small back-room and toilets.

In addition to casual bookings, the hall is currently hired on a regular basis providing Pilates, Keep Fit, Upholstery Classes and the Pantomime group. Also, for Ballet and Dance groups for children.

The War Memorial Hall can be hired on a casual or regular basis, and for any period between the hours of 0900 and 2200.

If you would like to know more about the War Memorial Hall or to make a booking:

Please contact Christine Grant on 07816 023746.