The Parish Council has in the past been approached, following the installation of the defibrillator, by Villagers interested in some instruction concerning its use. As an extension to this the following is quoted from the Community Heartbeat Trust
“To support community resilience, the Community Heartbeat Trust now provides a service to help villages install and run a Volunteer Emergency Telephone System, or VETS.
VETS is designed for the lone rescuer, out of activation radius and spread out community situations. A third of all 999 calls are from lone rescuers, so getting help to them quickly is important. VETS is a community-run system and enables up to 10 “good neighbours” to assist pending the arrival of the emergency services. A local number is used as a single point of contact using “Hunting-Group” technology to ring all volunteers phone numbers simultaneously.
The system can also be used for any emergency where additional help is required from neighbours, whether Cardiac Arrest or not. The availability of VETS helps villages whether or not they are using a CHT provided defibrillator project, and gives a level of reassurance to the elderly, those living alone, and to the infirmed, that there is always help on hand.”
If you think you may be interested in this idea, please contact the Parish Council Clerk, Jane Allsop on telephone 01920 830 330 or by email
Michael Smith, Chairman, Watton-at-Stone Parish Council