It was at the February Parish Council meeting when Cllr (John) Meischke, somewhat casually, reminded us that the Platinum Jubilee celebrations were creeping up on us. I must admit that after the Diamond Jubilee washout, my enthusiasm was at a low ebb but there were nods of approval and the subject was put on the agenda giving Councillors time to come up with ideas. Gradually the idea emerged that a combined event with the Church Fete and a picnic in the Meadow to follow was the way to go.
John’s experience with Rotary stood us in good stead as he organised Fireworks and Live music and this gelled well with The Bull staging a Hog Roast early evening and providing a take away service for drinks (something we can’t do on the meadow). There remained, of course two unknowns, the weather and who would come?
A sunny afternoon saw large numbers at the Fete and by five o’clock revellers started gathering on the meadow and despite a somewhat cool breeze the kept coming!
Apart from sectioning an area for the fireworks we had no plan but a perfect layout unfolded with space for youngsters to play safely in view. The scouts provided a barbeque which somewhat delayed Sofasonic (the band), “Smoke got in their eyes” apparently but once started they took us to the National Anthem followed immediately by the FIREWORK extravaganza which, for a village event was exceptional.
Thanks go to our helpers, especially the ‘Next Day’ litter pickers. BUT more importantly to all those who came to enjoy the evening, in (or because of!) the spirit intended.
Being a Parish Councillor can be challenging at times but this was one of the good times !
Thank you all
Michael Smith (Chair, Watton PC)