Well, not quite The Great Escape, actually! Your Parish Councillors, past and present, chipped in for an evening to say a very fond farewell and thank-you to Christine Dinnin and John Meischke. With a combined service of 70 years to our wonderful village of Watton at Stone, they certainly took their time escaping the Parish Council!

Asked what has meant the most during their time in office, both answered instantly that it is the strength of the team that stood out. Always someone to ask, someone to help and support. And knowing our past Councillors are there for us as a new team is fantastic. What a wealth of experience!

Putting them on the spot, when asked what they feel most proud of achieving, Christine mentioned all the work done to ensure our village allotments are a dynamic and successful resource for the village. John declared the building and opening of our Nigel Poulton Community Hall – yes, they really have been serving the village a lot longer than you may think. And John is our new Community Hall caretaker – no one knows the building and facilities better than he. And while everyone reminisced, we must mention the fantastic Queen’s Platinum Jubilee event in 2022 on the Sports field, culminating in those wonderful fireworks that many of us surely recall as a great success and huge fun.

Being a Parish Councillor is rewarding, sometimes frustrating and very motivating, never knowing what may happen next and how we can help our residents and village. Perhaps that’s why Christine and John took so long to escape? We certainly wish them Good Luck and a happy retirement from Council!