Watton at Stone Neighbourhood Plan

The Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 14 Pre-submission Consultation

Inviting you to have your say

We invite Watton-at-Stone parishioners and other consultees to review and comment on the Neighbourhood Plan before it is submitted to East Herts District Council.

Neighbourhood Planning Regulations require the proposed plan to be the subject of a 6-week (minimum) consultation before it is submitted to East Herts District Council for independent examination.

The requirement means the Parish Council must:

  • publicise the plan to bring it to the attention of people who live, work or run businesses in the designated plan area
  • consult statutory consultation bodies whose interests may be affected by the plan.
  • send a copy of the proposed plan to the local authority.

The consultation will begin on 17 January 2022 and finish at midnight on 6 March.

Please take the opportunity to have your say on the future of Watton-at-Stone. To take part please read either the Summary Brochure or the full Neighbourhood Plan and complete our Response Form.

Printed copies of the Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Plan can be made available. If you would like to read a printed copy of the Neighbourhood Plan please phone the Parish Clerk on 01920 830330 or e-mail clerk@watton-pc.org.uk. to arrange to view a copy. A pdf version of the Plan can be downloaded below.

Those with questions about the Neighbourhood Plan were invited to attend a virtual Q&A on 6 February 2022, from 3-5 pm. There was also an in-person Q&A at the Nigel Poulton Community Hall at the same time. You can contact clerk@watton-pc.org.uk. with any further questions.

All responses to this consultation must be received in writing prior to the end of the consultation period and will likely be published verbatim when the plan is submitted to East Herts District Council. Anonymous responses, responses that contain inappropriate language, defamation or are deemed to be offensive will not be accepted.

We look forward to receiving your consultation response.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on 6 March 2022.

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