Neighbourhood Watch in Watton-at-Stone

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch was re-launched in Watton-at-Stone in 2006 with immediate success.

It has now changed into the online owl system which runs throughout Hertfordshire and anyone who would like to receive updates from the police on local incidents and issues can register to receive Owl messages on the website

Local co-ordinators can also keep a log of incidents in their area and pass information that they have received on to the police, again via the Owl system.

In Watton-at-Stone we have three main direct contacts with the local Police Force, namely our:

* Ward Sargent, Duncan Wallace Telephone 101
* Ward Constable, Paul Chapman Telephone 101
* Ward PCSO, PCSO Sally Brooks Telephone 101

Our village Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator is Helen McCash, who you can contact by telephone on 01920 830665 or via e-mail at
If you would like further information on Neighbourhood Watch, please don’t hesitate to contact Helen.

You may also find the following information useful:

  • Our local police station is in Lytton Way, Stevenage, Herts. SG1 1HF and the telephone number is 101 (telephone for opening times).
  • In the event of a genuine emergency, call 999.
  • For non-emergency calls, telephone 101.
  • The telephone number for the East Hertfordshire Council Anti-Social Behaviour Officer is 01279 655261 (for issues concerning litter, graffiti, fly tipping, dog fouling, abandoned and nuisance vehicles).
  • For issues concerning noise-nuisance, telephone the Environmental Health Officer on 01279 655261.