Watton-at-Stone woke up a poorer place on Monday 2nd July following the passing of Michael Freeman after an intense illness.

During the 10 years of his involvement with the Isabel Hospice Mike was both a Trustee and then Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and it was there in Welwyn Garden City that he was admitted during the afternoon of Sunday 1st; and where he sadly died late that evening.

Although Mike was involved in many things outside of our village, we will best remember him for his dedication to Watton-at-Stone and its residents ; not only during his former role as a Parish Councillor and then District Councillor, but also for his campaigns combined with personal effort to ensure that our village continued to be an ideal environment in which to live.

Mike had the ability to grasp the salient points of any controversy and was able to steer a path which could accommodate all opinions. Without this gift it is doubtful that the Neighbourhood Plan would ever have been established.

He was a great supporter of Public transport (which as a non-driver he used and experienced frequently) and took-on the railway companies in securing the best long-term outcome for Watton-at-Stone. He was also the ‘go to’ person for bus routes and timetables; a very important issue for many of us.

Mike was genuine in his attempts and willingness to help people and his door was always open. He will be sadly missed and a hard act to follow.