Members & Activities


Parish Councillors

Cllr. Nicola White (Chair) 92 High Street 07813 772241
Cllr. John Meischke (Vice-Chair) 64 Rivershill 01920 830243
Cllr. Darren Appleby 2 Great Innings South 07930 888923
Cllr. Clive Bell 18 Motts Close 07814 422892
Cllr. ‘B’ Brooks 20 Stoney Fields 07970 738996
Cllr. Catherine Hammon 101 High Street 01920 413261
Cllr. Annabel Kirk 37 Rivershill 01920 412997
Cllr. Richard Lewis 12 High Street 07968 165259
Cllr. Mark Richardson 23 Lammas Road 01920 421539
Cllr. Emma Waltham 43 Rivershill 01920 421513
Parish Council Clerk
Mrs. Jane Allsop
9 Beane Road 01920 830330


Budget & Finance

Mark Richardson (Chair) Cllr. ‘B’ Brooks Cllr. Cllr. Nicola White


Cllr. Annabel Kirk (Chair) Cllr. ‘B’ Brooks Cllr. Nicola White


Cllr. Clive Bell Cllr. Richard Lewis

Watton-At-Stone Community Hall Trustees

Cllr. Richard Lewis (Chair) Cllr. John Meischke
Cllr. Nicola White Mr. Michael Smith

Neighbourhood Plan Committee

Cllr. Clive Bell Cllr. Catherine Hammon Cllr. Emma Waltham
Mr. Charles Clark Mr. David Humby Mr. Mehron Kirk

Representatives to other Organizations

Watton-at-Stone Allotment Holders Cllr. Annabel Kirk
Watton-at-Stone War Memorial Hall Management Committee Cllr Catherine Hammon
Watton-at-Stone Scout and Guide Group Cllr. Annabel Kirk
River Beane Restoration Association Cllr. ‘B’ Brooks