Members & Activities


Parish Councillors

Mr. Mike Smith (Chairman) Blue Bury Farm, Walkern Road 830669
Mr. John Meischke (vice Chairman) 64 Rivershill 830243
Mr. Stephen Block 1 White House Close 412995
Mrs. Christine Dinnin 4 Beane Road 421185
Mrs. Catherine Hammon 101 High Street 413261
Mr. Ian Knight 11a Beane Road 830448
Mrs. Helen McCash 85 Hazeldell 830665
Mrs. Margaret Stanley 1 Blue Hill Farm Cottages,
High Elms Lane
Mr. David Stock 90 Hazeldell 830875
Dr. Emma Waltham 43 Rivershill 421513
Parish Council Clerk
Mrs. Jane Allsop
9 Beane Road 830330


Budget & Finance

Mrs. Helen McCash Mrs. Margaret Stanley Mr. Ian Knight
Mr. John Meischke Mr. Mike Smith Mr. David Stock


Mrs. Christine Dinnin (Chairman) Mr. John Meischke Mrs. Helen McCash
Mr. Mike Smith Mr. Ian Knight Mr. David Stock
Dr. Emma Waltham

Recreation & Amenities

Mr. Ian Knight (Chairman) Mrs. Christine Dinnin Mr. John Meischke
Mr. David Stock Mr. Mike Smith Dr. Emma Waltham

New Homes Bonus

Mrs. Margaret Stanley (Chairman) All Parish Councillors


Mrs. Helen McCash (Chairman) Mrs. Margaret Stanley (Deputy) Mr. Mike Smith
Mr. John Meischke

Watton-At-Stone Community Hall Trustees

Mr. John Meischke (Chairman) Mr. Ian Knight Dr. Emma Waltham
Mr. David Stock

Representatives to other Organizations

Watton-at-Stone Allotment Holders Mrs.Christine Dinnin
Watton-at-Stone War Memorial Hall Management Committee Mr. David Stock
Watton-at-Stone Neighbourhood Watch/Police Authority Mrs. Helen McCash
Watton-at-Stone Scout and Guide Group Mrs. Christine Dinnin
Watton-at-Stone Sports and Social Club Dr. Emma Waltham
Watton Youth Drop Inn Mr. John Meischke
River Beane Restoration Association Mr. Ian Knight