Life Today

Life Today

Although the village is well-established and has a long history, substantial development has taken place over recent years, on both sides of the High Street, and the expanded Watton-at-Stone of today is now a mixture of old traditional properties and modern housing located between the railway station and the bypass.

It was not that long ago that the High Street was home to two Petrol Stations/Garages, both of which have given way to housing development.

Regardless of the development that has taken place, the sense of community is still alive and well and continues to thrive within the Parish, and the rural atmosphere prevails.

Life in Watton At Stone

The pace of life could be well described as being ‘relaxed’ and the parishioners of Watton-at-Stone continue to enjoy the advantages of living in a rural environment whilst at the same time having easy access to modern local services and amenities in the village, and to those in the nearby towns and more distant locations.

The make-up of our community is typical of that to be found in any of the nearby towns in as much that it comprises a mixture of single people, couples, young families, established families, parents of children who have flown the nest and retired senior citizens, etc.

You will see from the various parts of this site that our community is well catered for in terms of the services and amenities available.

There are excellent services associated with education and healthcare, and many opportunities exist for people to become involved in local social, recreational and sporting activities. There are safe well-equipped play areas for children of all ages and facilities for teenagers and adults to participate in a wide range of pastimes.

The Watton-at-Stone of today has much to offer.

The Village of Watton-At-Stone