Watton ECHO

Are you aware of the Echo system that Herts Police have introduced for members of the public to voice their concerns about their neighbourhood, worries about anti social behaviour, crime, drugs etc?
The Police carried out a Community Voice event outside Londis in the Summer of 2020 to encourage people to use it.
PC Mark Turner has been working on an Echo link exclusively for Watton at Stone, see this link above.
the Police would like as many residents as possible to use it and tell us what they think about what’s happening in the area and what they think the Police should be concentrating on from a Policing point of view.
Its not for reporting crimes etc as its not monitored 24/7, residents still need to use 101 and 999 for that.
Can you pass this on to as many villagers as possible please as the Police would like to know what the mood is in the village.
Thank you.