Infants and Juniors

Watton-at-Stone is well served with educational and social facilities for both parents and children.

Formal education is provided by the Watton-at-Stone Primary and Nursery School, which admits children from the age of 4 to age 11.

The school:

  • Is the lead agency for the Beane Valley Children’s Centre and the hub of the Beane Valley Extended Schools Consortium. Holiday Club open 8 – 6 during school holidays.
  • Runs both a Breakfast Club and an After School Club, thus providing educational and play facilities for children from 7-30am until 6-00pm.
  • Also hosts the village Play Group, which takes children aged 2.5 years old, if space is available, until admission to School at either the Nursery or Reception age.

For younger children, there is a Toddler Group which meets at the Community Hall each Tuesday morning.

There are a number of registered childminders in the village.

Watton-at-Stone is also the home of Heath Mount School, which is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 13.

Useful Links:

* Watton-at-Stone Primary and Nursery School
* Beane Valley Children’s Centre
* Watton-at-Stone Playgroup
* Heath Mount School

Secondary Schools

Many children move on from our local school to seek places in the following Secondary Schools.


* Richard Hale School (for boys)
* The Sele School
* Simon Balle School


* Presdales (for girls)
* Chauncy

Secondary Schools in Stevenage are a further option as are Public Schools in the area.
The schools can be reached by buses to Hertford, Ware and Stevenage and trains to Hertford North station.