Play Areas

Watton-at-Stone is fortunate in that there are two very well-equipped outdoor play-areas for children.

Sports-Field Play Area – This open area is located close to the Nigel Poulton Community Hall and is owned by the Parish Council and managed by the Community Hall Board of Trustees.

There is an excellent range of play equipment to keep the children amused while parents can sit and enjoy the surrounding views. It is an ideal location for parents and children to socialise in a safe and peaceful environment, especially on warm sunny days and evenings during the summer months.

The items of play equipment are mounted on a rubberised safety-surface and both are both inspected on a regular basis.

In addition to the play area itself, children have immediate access to the large expanse of the ‘meadow’ (as the sports field is also known) on which to run and play.

Great Innings Playground

Great Innings Play Area – This is located adjacent to the footpath to Moorymead Close, leading to the railway station, and is owned and managed by East Hertfordshire District Council.

Because the play area is close to a road, it is enclosed by a fenced and gated boundary and can only be accessed via the footpath to Morrymead Close. The two gated-entrances include round-level grills to discourage dogs from getting into the play area.

As with the sports-field play area, the selection of play equipment is located on a rubberised safety surface.