Bounce Fitness in Watton-at-Stone


((BOUNCE)) has arrived in Watton-at-Stone and takes place at the Nigel Poulton Community Hall on:

  • Monday – 0930 to 1030 (child friendly)
  • Thursday – 1930 to 2030
  • Friday – 0930 to 1030 (child friendly)

10 mins at ((BOUNCE)) is the same as a 30 minute run! FUN. FRIENDLY. FIERCE.

Performed on a mini-trampoline this fitness class is 3 times more effective than other exercise due to gravity’s additional force on the tramp pad.

These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Approximately 700 calories burnt per class
  • Weight loss
  • Tones your body
  • 3 times more effective than running
  • 100% FUN
  • All abilities welcome; you take it to whatever level you feel comfortable
  • Meet new friends

What’s not to like? Don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself. No membership required, its pay-as-you-go and just visit the website to book.

NASA calls it “The most effective exercise yet devised by man” due to the extra gravitational force that the trampoline pad adds.

Performed on mini-trampolines, ((BOUNCE)) makes exercise fun with choreographed aerobic routines. ((BOUNCE)) improves weight loss 3 times quicker than floor based workouts due to opposing gravity and added g-force.

If you have any questions, then just visit our website at and leave a message on our contact page. You can also make a booking by using the same link.