Angling Society

Watton-at-Stone Angling Society

The Watton Angling Society has been in existence for around 40 years and originally the members came from village residents and had fishing rights on a stretch of the River Beane towards Hertford.

40 years on, the Society has fishing rights on a lake on the outskirts of Ware.
Unfortunately, space at this lake is limited and thus the membership has also had to be limited. A waiting list was created but even this has now had to be closed.

Although preference has, in the past, been given to applications from village residents, the likelihood of a successful application for membership now is remote.

The Society takes great care to consider the environment and encourages wildlife, flora and fauna. Over the years the Society has built up considerable expertise in fishery management and now has stock ponds on site for breeding fish for the future. Some of these fish have been exported to other fisheries in the country to provide new stock where lakes have lost stock to predation, particularly from otters and cormorants.

Although the chances of being able to join the Society are extremely limited to say the least, if you want any more information about the Watton Angling Society, please contact Trevor Birchmore, the Chairman on 01438 840404 or at