After almost 30 years of dedicated service to our Village and our community, John Meischke stepped down from the Watton at Stone Parish Council at our December meeting this week. We have known of his planned retirement from the Council for some time – but now it is here, we will certainly miss him. John has been an outstanding Councillor, representing and helping many of us individually, however, it is his commitment to our Community Hall and the sporting facilities for the village that are exceptional. John held various roles over his time in the Council – Chairman, Vice Chair and Chairman of the Trustees. We are eternally grateful for his service and steadfast commitment to the team and our beautiful village of Watton at Stone. Of course, John is still in the village and, like all our past councillors, has promised to help guide our new team whenever we need him. And, next time you see John, why not stop, and say a special thank you from you?

On behalf of all current and past Parish Councillors of Watton at Stone “Thank you, John – you will be missed!”.

Nicola White
Chair, Watton at Stone Parish Council