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The River Beane is of major importance to Watton-at-Stone. It is most visible from the Lammas field and from the two road bridges at either end of the village.

The river flows from the source, north of Walkern, is joined by the Stevenage Brook at the north end of the village and continues on through Watton-at-Stone to Stapleford and Waterford; to join the River Lea south of Hertford.

The river is a typical chalk-stream and it is from the aquifers under the river that water is abstracted at the Whitehall pumping station (near Aston) to supply Stevenage with its drinking water

There are problems throughout the year with low-flow and the immediate environment of the river is under threat. The upper reaches of the river, north of Watton-at-Stone are dry most of the year.

A River Beane Restoration Association was formed with the main objectives of reducing the low-flow problems and improving the environment.

River Beane Restoration Association (RBRA)